Get Rid of Cold Sore Using Natural Home Remedies

natural home remedies

Cold sores are a minor but very common and annoying problem. Most people will have one or more at a few point in their lives. However, you can get rid of cold sore using natural home remedies.

There are many inexpensive and readily available substances that may help in get rid of cold sore. Some lifestyle changes may also be effective in reducing the issue and even preventing future outbreaks.

It is very important protect the sore from elements that can make it worse. A coating of simple petrolatum or petroleum jelly is extremely effective for this. It will help keep the skin supple and prevent cracking which can lead to prolonged pain and possible infection. A sunscreen ointment can also help in this regard by protecting against damaging UV rays.

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As cold sores are brought on by a virus, a good solution to get better faster is to provide an environment that it can not flourish in. Many people have found that the application of substances such as witch hazel or alcohol directly to the blister will help healing. Other widely used substances are salt, vinegar, and even nail polish remover.

Other substances seem to have direct healing properties when applied to cold sores. Aloe juice is one of these. The other is a used tea bag held against the sore. Ice has also been found to reduce the pain and inflammation of the affected area, and it seems to help it heal faster.

Another very important factor in both prevention and recovery is the reduction of contamination. Since a toothbrush can harbor germs and microbes of all sorts, it may be helpful to replace your toothbrush frequently, as well as to make sure it dries completely between usages. And of course, frequent hand washing is always an important part of personal hygiene.

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A more indirect but very important approach to promote recovery from cold sores is exercise. It is thought that even moderate exercise provides a boost to the immune system. This enables one to more easily fight off infections and to recover more readily when they do occur.

Stress is another lifestyle factor that various believe contributes to succumbing to disease of all sorts. Like exercise, it is definitely an indirect and longer term solution. However, it may be very helpful for recovery to reduce stress wherever and whenever possible.

While there is no real cure for this condition, to get rid of cold sore using natural home remedies is definitely possible, and will minimize the duration and intensity of the problem. Topical substances that protect and help to heal, as well as lifestyle changes that promote overall health, can be very effective.

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