Ways to Cure Acne In 7 Days

Ways to Cure Acne In 7 Days

Acne manifest itself in different forms. Some of the characteristics are seen as blackheads, small sebaceous cyst, pimples and scars on forehead, temple area, chin, cheeks, back and chest.

There are a number of acne home remedies for acne control and acne prevention. Some of them have been listed below.

1. Water eliminates the impurities in the body and cleanses the entire system. Drink 1.5-2 liters of water every day. Also first thing in the morning, take a glass of lukewarm water with half a lemon and a teaspoon of honey in an empty stomach. This is one of the easiest back acne remedies.

2. Keep your Hair Back. Having your hair over your face all day can make the acne problem worse because the hair captures dust and bacteria which is then transferred to your face. Cut out the sugars and the Caffeine. Sugar and caffeine are not only bad for your waistline, but also make skin problems worse. When you cut down on these things, you’ll see an improvement fairly quickly.

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3. Baking soda is a great natural exfoliator. Using it regularly two to three times per week helps to gently remove the top layer of skin, preventing pores from clogging and carrying away bacteria, oil, dirt etc… To get the maximum benefit from baking soda, add a teaspoon to your facial cleanser, mix well and massage into your skin. If your face seems red or irritated, you should decrease the amount of baking soda in your cleanser

4. Adding activities like aerobics, dance or sports in your daily routine helps in providing extra oxygen to the skin pores thus giving you a radiant glow.

5. White vinegar (distilled) can be used as an acne cleanser to cleanse the pores. Natural honey is full of anti bacterial properties, in order to speed up healing process apply honey masks for acne treatment.

6. Cut down on the stress. Pimples are aggravated by stress hormones, so doing things like going on a walk, yoga, and of course cutting out sugar will not only help your overall health, but also your skin.

7. In order to remove bacteria that are responsible for acne use licorice, as it is used for increasing mucous secretion, which increases the immunity/body defense system.

8. Remember that This Too Shall Pass. Zits are by no means a permanent feature so long as you are careful about managing your skin and not scratching at them, you may find that many of them pass with age. Don’t Use Hot Water. When you are washing your face, use cool water instead of hot water. This is because cold water tightens pores and prevents dirt and bacteria from coming into the skin in the first place.

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