The Truth About Meditation


Meditation is considered to be one of the oldest forms of mental, spiritual, health and wellness practice in history. Our ancestors believed that meditation is a way of surrendering our minds in order to make us more relaxed and confident in everything that we do.

But where did this ancient practice came after all? Ancient documents and scriptures say that in the past men discovered this practice by staring into the flames of fire and as a result they felt peace, inspiration and started to feel more energetic and alive.

Over thousands of years, meditation evolved into different structured practices and styles, spreading across Asia, its continent of origin, and eventually the world.

Within its purpose meditation has many gained benefits which include a healthy distancing from the stressful things of life and gives you power and force to be mentally and physically strong every day.

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One of the most important benefits of meditation has to be the cure of stress and depression, especially in our modern life where everything is fast paced and there just isnt enough time in the day.

Too often our work and our personal lives cant find a way to manage together and thats when stress and depression appear. Meditation can help you find the best solutions to resolve your problems; it should make you feel stronger and more positive in your daily actions.

If you are doing it right and you want to cure your state of mind and soul you can concentrate on something that makes you happy and this can be an act of meditation.

There are many ways of meditating and one of them is Sahaja meditation which represents a yoga technique that is very different from the others because it not only relaxes you, not only enriches you with peace, joy and optimism, but it actually transforms you gradually and deeply into a beautiful and happy individual.

And the best part, is that these things can happen without great effort, thought or concentration, anybody can practice and excel at Sahaja. The aim is to enter the state of thoughtless awareness, which is a state of relaxation and clarity.

Some of us might ask when best time for meditation is and the answer is definitely at sunrise or at least early in the morning because then you can find the peace within you and you can become one with nature.

The evenings are also good for meditating because at that time you need to find the relaxation of the lost and hard day that you had. Basically mornings and evenings are the time when you can maximize your meditation and find the joy within your mind and body.

In conclusion for this practice you dont need to be an expert in the field to reap the rewards, because its like learning how to walk. Meditation is something that we all know how to do. Its something that rests in our souls, and the best way of mastering it is to have the desire to feel peaceful, silent, and to live in the present.

The key is in your desire!

dr. Bulawan

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