How to Tell if Alcohol Consumption Has Gone Beyond Social Drinking

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Alcoholism is disease which can affect people of any gender, age or socio-economic status. Because the consumption of alcohol is common in social gatherings or in the company of friends, it isn’t always easy to tell when someone has a problem.

Alcohol abuse and dependency often begin when this social drinking habit becomes an addiction. However, there are means to decipher whether a person is addicted to alcohol or is an occasional drinker. Below are some tips to know the signs and detect alcoholism in a family, friend or even yourself.

The first question that arises is how often dp you consume alcoholic beverages and what is the quantity? It is part of our culture to drink alcohol in social gatherings, but if thoughts about weekend drinking becomes one’s reason to get through the week, then a dependency has grown.

If you or someone you care about needs to drink every weekend, then there is a problem. Is there more of an interest in drinking than in the interactions with others?

Look at both the underlying motivation for drinking as well as the quantity and frequency. Is there a discomfort in being around others without a drink? Many rationalize drinking by saying they are not able to joke around or be at ease socially without drinking.

Others say that it helps them to be less self-conscious in groups. If you are someone who uses alcohol in order to be less intimidated by others or to speak without feeling judged, it is best to face the underlying insecurities.

For detecting alcoholism, you can ask yourself whether you need alcohol or want alcohol. After a stressful day, you may want a drink. But, if you rush home because you need to drink to make you feel better, then that is an indicator.

If you feel the need to drink, then it is an issue. If stress is your excuse to drink alcohol then there are various ways to overcome it. Moreover, the other alternatives will not cause any harm to your body. Finding ways to relax using yoga or other forms of calming the mind is much better for the system.

Further, ask yourself if your behavior changes completely after drinking alcohol. Do you find it makes you able to join a conversation more easily or does it help you to become more extroverted?

Rather than using drinking for this, there are skills you can develop to be more comfortable socially. Even if consuming beer or liquor enables you to open up more easily, often one may be acting silly, speak too much or slur one’s words.

If you or someone you know drinks alone, this often can be a warning sign. Is the drink a refuge from work or family life? It is best to figure out why things seem overwhelming and work at that level to find a solution. Alcohol is not a solution and when pursued that one breaks up families and ruins careers.

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