How Does Excessive Drinking of Alcohol Affect Aging?


Most of us drink alcohol in order to relax. But as we all know too much drinking of alcohol has a harmful effects to us.

There have been studies that moderate drinking of alcohol can raise your good cholesterol level. This good cholesterol can help to minimize the risk of heart disease and strokes. Drinking alcohol has some health benefits but the ill effects of alcohol prevails its benefits.

There are lots of ill effects in excessive drinking of alcohol and one of that is it accelerates aging.

Most of us already know that too much alcohol intake causes liver damage. But are you aware that drinking excessive alcohol can lead to osteoporosis?

Alcohol hinders our body’s ability to absorb calcium. So the more alcohol we drink the greater risk of brittle bones we have. Having weak bones will affect your posture. And you will look older because of the posture you have.

Too much alcohol intake dilates the blood vessels in the skin. Regular drinking of alcohol will widen the blood vessels and it will remain dilated until they lose their tone. Basically too much alcohol intake means deeper lines and facial wrinkles.

As we grow old the effect of alcohol on our body is very potent. So for those who are very serious about looking younger and aging, it’s important for you to understand how alcohol speeds up aging.

And if you smoke as well as you drink alcohol then this will double your skin concern. Many studies show that smoking is very damaging to our skin, whether you smoke or spend time with a smoker.

So together with alcohol the effect in aging and in our health is much worse. Alcohol intake must be minimized if you are concerned with your skin and health.

In addition to that drinking too much alcohol can lead to obesity, alcohol supplies calories. Alcohol is very high in calories, and it can affect your metabolism.

It can stimulate your appetite to eat more than you need. So more than one drinks a day is likely to increase your weight.

Excessive drinking of alcohol will basically speed up your normal aging. If you don’t drink alcohol it’s better not to start, even though drinking has good benefits but too much intake will cause a lot of ill side effects in your body. And if you drink alcoholx How Does Excessive Drinking of Alcohol Affect Aging? Drink moderately.

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