Beat Acne by Changing Dietary Habits

beat acne

Acne to a person can be a debilitating condition and annoying. You definitely don’t come to know the main reason for this condition. But stress and genetics are the two causes which can cause these problems. Acne cannot be specifically described with a particular reason. However it can be treated with the prescript remedies.

Occasional acne is pimple which all are concerned with and this common acne that you may want to take closer look at diet. It has been said that one of the cause for this can be the diet that you choose. Diet affects on your body in many terms. If you fail to have healthy diets then you may also have other disorders which may affect your body.

The following are some important points that can help you to understand how you can avoid the acne problem:

1. Avoid high level of Carbohydrates

The researchers have proved that there is a link between the acne and the high glycemic foods. The glycemic index includes candy, sugary products, white rice and white bread. The glycemic foods are food with more of carbohydrates. The link between them is the severity and duration of acne breaking out. Therefore change this into consumption of arrowroot, whole grains, beans and brown rice.

2. Consuming Omega-3

Omega 3 is beneficial fat for the entire body and this promotes the clear and even skin. Omega 3 is found in different types of fishes such as tuna, salmon, sardines as well as nuts and other food sources. An omega-3 supplement is good option to fight against acne.

3. Fruits and Vegetables

Fruits and Vegetables are a good source as a balanced diet. It is rich getting all important nutrients and minerals required to the body and skin. Mainly the leafy green vegetables, fruits such as berries, cherries and sweet potatoes are beneficial.

4. Limit your Dairy Products

Due to the intake of the dairy products the oil production increases and it turns the breakouts of acne. So try to control the dairy products and go for baked ones.

5. Limit Salt

More intake of salt especially iodized salt can cause you acne. Many people with acne have high levels of iodine in the blood stream during the acne breakouts.

You should thus avoid and start the intake of low fat diet and more fibrous food.  Intake of the 20-30 grams increases your fiber every day. Fiber is that important nutrient which keeps colon clean and remove the toxins form the body.  You should include more intakes of the Vitamins such as Vitamin A, E, B6, Omega 3 fatty acid, chromium, Zinc etc.

Therefore you should try a change in your dietary habits and then see the results, may be your doctor will not suggested this but this really works. Also there is no harm in making changes in diet and going for fruits and vegetable because  eating these will not only prevent acne but also will prevent diabetes, obesity and heart diseases.

dr. Khadijah

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