Yoga Flow Poses

Yoga Flow Poses

Yoga Flow Set

Yoga Flow is actually very simple. This is a series of positions together to produce movement. It can be used to warm; down or just cool to immerse them in a certain pose. The number and sequence of postures in this series can certainly depend on the teacher and this with them.

You might consider a series of sun salutation River, including the final Yoga Flow. Although the flow of yoga in general is a little shorter and simpler than the hello Sun other states that could be used in hot sun and my moon flowers. Flows also create simple, basic poses, such as mountain race between pose and work forward. I often flow with a chair that I created to provide more and more into the chair.

How Yoga Flow

  1. repetition
  2. A pattern is repeated more than once on each side of the body
  3. The number of positions, including 2-12 in most
  4. work with the breath, a breath for each movement

Launch your own Yoga Flow

This mini-series of flows are large and easy to practice yoga. You can easily create your own. Find a pose to do or what they are better. With practice makes perfect customer (or at least the practice makes a better customer.)

In its chosen installation and bind to at least 2 to 3 is that the transition is more beautiful, soft and slightly to one side or both sides of this position, only after. See example below.

Lifestyle flow President Land (Utkatasana Flow)

  1. Sit down and back in the saddle
  2. Exhale arms behind you closer to folding of the chest and thighs
  3. Breathe in the saddle

The president who runs over only allows movement and breathing, and here you can easily make sicker and deeper into the feces.

Work in the flexibility of ankle range of motion, extending the spine, opening the chest and strengthening the quadriceps, buttocks and upper back.

The movement does not help build the heat inside the body. This particular exercise also stimulates the digestive system, circulatory and reproductive systems.

Mental focus for such training, will develop energy, stimulates the mind and reduces stress. Ask your doctor and / or caution with this practice, if you have low blood pressure, insomnia or knee injury.

Yoga Flow Poses


Yoga Flow postures are often called Flowing Vinyasa, which means that instead of a special way. There are many forms of Vinyasa Yoga available, but they all have a common theme of the movement through the sequence of postures with the breathing liquid. As with any new exercise, consult your doctor.

Faced with declining Dog Pose

Face downward dog pose often appears in the Vinyasa classes. Because of the frequency, it is important to learn how to ask properly. Ask your teacher after class, if you’re not quite sure how. A common complaint of students Vinyasa is a pain in the wrist.

To avoid this problem, the weight is in your hands; make sure that most of the palm at the base of the thumb. The exceptions to this position were conducted in Vinyasa Yoga.

Laying Up dog

Up dog pose is usually performed with down dog Pose Vinyasa Yoga. For this position, press the pelvis on the ground and keep the toes curled under.

Keep your arms straight; lift your chest and shoulders to hold the ears. Pay special attention to the position of the wrists and shoulders, or a violation can occur over time.

Warrior 2 Pose

Warrior 2 Pose Vinyasa is part of the warrior, a favorite of the late yoga master, T. Krishnamacharya. Start with the right foot with your feet by 4 feet and arms at your sides.

Turn right toe to right and bend right knee in depth. Be paid to the teacher time to maintain good position, which led to another.

Side Plank Pose

sidebar, it will be some balance and strengthen the wrists. To enable the battery with both feet on top of each and the right balance.

Stretch your left arm toward the ceiling and open the chest. The body should be straight. To protect the wrists, evenly place the weight on the palm.

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