What Are Skin Tags And Simple Treatment Options?

what are skin tag

What are skin tag? They are growth accumulations which can look different than the surrounding skin. The tags are considered minor benign tumors and randomly grow on women and men.

Usually, their sizes measure about a grain of rice and they can appear to have an irregular or smooth texture. They are non cancerous growths and there is no known reason why they occur.

Where do they grow and how do they look? The are dark or fleshy colored soft growth connected by a stalk.

Commonly seen on the neck or eyelids, they may also grow in the armpits, genital areas or under breasts. They could be multiple or single growths and have various shapes and sizes.

What are skin tags, a cosmetic or medical issue? Rarely causing major complications, some persons may feel they are unattractive.

The nature of their location and number may cause some individuals a few self esteem issues. Various sizes and exact locations of the growths are traditionally reasons people consult that doctor to discuss cosmetic removal options.

If the non cancerous cells form and become frequently irritated or cause minor discomfort, a doctor may consider performing a basic removal procedure in the office.

They may cause uncomfortable sensations when consistently rubbed against various clothing, jewelry, zippers and/or fasteners.

Unwanted friction and discomfort can occur from repeated skin contact and contribute towards the decision to remove the growth as a treatment option.

Simply performed during a scheduled office visit, safe removal procedures are often performed by a dermatologist or general medical professional.

To ensure patient comfort, a local anesthetic may or may not be applied to the area before the procedure.

There are various choices in tag removal using a liquid nitrogen solution or a sterilized electric needle to carefully burn it off.

Effective cosmetic removal options are available by a general doctor. Before most removal procedures, the medical professional may use a local anesthetic cream or injections.

Additional treatment options which can be performed in the doctor’s office for quick procedure uses a laser technique.

The laser option can successfully remove most benign growths with relative ease. Minor tag removals can be performed by a medical professional safely with a simple tool like a scalpel or scissors.

What are some skin tag recommended treatment options after removal? Have a doctor or dermatologist (skin specialist doctors) to perform a thorough annual skin examination. If growths are successfully removed, keep a keen eye on the affected areas.

In between scheduled checkups, be observant for the appearance of new growths and their locations. If they cause discomfort or irritation, alert your doctor for an appropriate treatment plan and available options quarterly or annually.

There are many different ways to remove skin tags that don’t include paying a doctor or dermatologist. Make sure you research the most cost effective ways to remove your skin tag.

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