Latisse Treatment is Meant to Provide Long Lashes

latisse treatment

Many people employ various natural and unnatural methods to get longer eye lashes. Latisse is considered as the first and only FDA approved prescription for reduced or lesser eye lashes, in case of extremely trustworthy treatment for long lashes.

There are different eyelash growth products available in the market that promise to deliver longer and darker eyelashes.

Latisse is known to work intensively by working on the growth phase of eyelash hairs by increasing the length of the growth phase, combined with increasing the number of hairs produced in the growth phase.

Latisse is the business name for bimatoprost 0.03% a medication that has been recognized since 2001 in order to treat glaucoma.

It has been analyzed that it delivers significant results if used carefully to achieve long lashes. It is a co-product of a medicated eye drop developed by Allergan in 2001.

Allergan is a leading name in the pharmaceutical industry, with more than 60 years of eye care experience.

The drops they developed were meant to treat ocular hypertension, a risk factor of glaucoma. These eye drops not only help in relieving eye pressure but patients experience eyelash growth on their usage in terms of longer, darker and fuller lashes.

In line with any other type of cosmetic treatment procedure, Latisse produces long lashes if used according the suggested prescription and on a regular basis.

As long as you continue using Latisse, you will subsequently analyze the growth in your lashes length that will grow rapidly and fully.

Once you discontinue the use of Latisse, your eyelashes will retake the original length that was in nature before the use of Latisse.

The most recognizable advantage of Latisse is that it is comparatively much easier for people to apply as compared to mascara, although it is not meant to replace mascara.

In the past few years, a large number of women have started witnessing the significant positive effects of Latisse even after six weeks of usage.

As a whole, it takes almost ten to twelve weeks to completely get the results of Latisse in the form of longer lashes.

One can easily buy Latisse which generally comes in a kit containing the Latisse solution and a supply of sterile, disposable applicators.

It is advised to use a fresh applicator for each eye. Just place a drop of the solution at the tip of an applicator and draw it along the baseline of your upper eyelashes.

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