Drug Addiction Recovery Can Be A Spiritual Journey

Drug Addiction

As someone who’s not only “been there” (as a former alcoholic) and “seen that” (as someone who now devotes my life to helping others to overcome their addictions), I am well aware of how difficult it is to beat a drug or alcohol addiction.

Some people have the idea that quitting is simply a matter of checking into a rehab and walking out the next week, but I suspect they’ve been watching a little too much TV.

In real life, drug addiction recovery is a difficult journey and it can be a long one. Some people try time and again, but fail or relapse.

I’ve found that for some of these people, what was missing from their treatment was a spiritual component, something that Christian based drug rehab can satisfy.

At A Forever Recovery, we are dedicated to helping people to overcome their drug or alcohol addiction.

This determination to help includes offering a payment plan and financing for those who lack insurance or the funds to pay for drug addiction recovery, as well as the flexibility to allow clients to take as long as they need (whether that be 30 days, 60 days or three months) to complete treatment instead of pushing them out the door after a set time.

Caring counselors are available 24/7 to discuss treatment options for you or a loved one. Fill out a confidential contact form on stopyouraddiction.com or call 877-456-3313.

What really sets A Forever Recovery apart from so many other addiction recovery facilities is our recognition of the role that spiritual recovery plays in successful drug addiction recovery.

We offer Christian based drug rehab programs, and other options you simply won’t find at most clinical centers.

If you are a spiritual person, then Christian, holistic, Native American or Catholic drug rehab programs might be what you need to keep you centered and help provide a path to recovery.

After many months on the street I found Christ, and while I was a believer, I still couldn’t overcome my addiction to alcohol despite completing programs at several traditional drug addiction recovery centers.

The answer for me was A Forever Recovery, where I participated in guided bible and scripture studies, candlelit reflection and prayer, church services, pastoral counseling and a Christian 12-step program.

Through the involvement of ordained ministers, I felt that I was getting back on the right path spiritually and that was how I was able to regain the path to a sober life. It worked for me and I’ve see it work with many others where traditional programs had failed.

dr. Puan

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