The Glowstone Flashlight is the most versatile, enduring, and most glaring light that drapes in your pocket. 900 lumens, 8 styles, wireless charging, and greatly strengthened.

Glowstone has reinvented the ordinary flashlight to be more small, adaptable, and useful so it can be simply used for everything from DIY jobs, informal adventuring, and even scuba diving.

GlowStone Flashlight Feature

GlowStone Fleshlight is Wireless, Waterproof, Wearable. The Glowstone Flashlight is a small, ultra-gleaming, and ultra-strong handheld light. It’s as gorgeous as costly high powered flashlights, yet only 1/2″ (13mm) thick and a section of the price.

GlowStone Flashlight is Useful To You?

The GlowStone Flashlight shape and design present it especially adaptable and strong. You can snip it to your zone, attach it to a wall, attach it to your GoPro or connect it to the Glowstone tripe handle. Whatever you’re preparing, Glowstone Flashlight will nevermore transmit you in the dark over.

We expect strong. This little GlowStone Flash Light can control rather much everything you toss at it. The GlowStone Flashlight premium silicone case and ATEX tagged layout present it Waterproof, Heatproof, Shockproof and Gasproof.

This is the only flasghtlih you’ll ever demand.

GlowStone Flashlight Silicone Case

The Glowstone Flashlight is wireless charging individually. The benefit of which provides us to effectively seal the Flashlight in the super strong, however soft silicone casing.

Beneath that smooth silicone case, the electronics are attached over a solid aluminum substrate that provides the Flashlight a substantial rigidity. This individual development indicates there no standardized join orders, weak points or flow pathways in the smooth, soft and especially strong design. This also helps preserves the radars and batteries from oxidisation, increasing its life even more.

Glowstone Flashlight is IP69X insulated and EX perilous area evaluated.

GlowStone Flashlight For Bik

Using the bike mounts, Glowstone Flashlight can convert into great lights for your bicycle including a red filter and flashing style for the rear spotlights. You can also connect a Glowstone Flashlight to your bike headgear to originate sure you're viewed on the road.

GlowStone Flashlight For Head Strap

If you Need to see where you're working hands-free. Glowstone Flashlight can be joined to the head strap to compose any difficult duty in the dark a flurry.

GlowStone Flashlight For Photography and Film Shoots

The GlowStone Flashlight is very usefull in Photography and film Shoots.

Including a colour heat of 5600K, A CRI equivalent of 95 and a narrow assemblage of great powered LEDS that releases a clear. Constant light output, the Glowstone flashlight is a narrowed down variant of the valuable expert light juries used in photography and film shoots.